Statement of Greek activists

Information about the performances of the “Sartan Gems” ensemble on Moscow stages, spread by the propaganda of the aggressor country, aims to convince the world of the prosperous present of the Greeks of Ukraine in the annexed territories controlled by the enemy.

However, there is no basis for such conclusions.

The territory of compact residence of the Azov Greeks has been occupied by the enemy, and thousands of Greeks have perished and become hostages of the aggressor’s forces and its propagandists. We cannot rely on official information about the scale of destruction, the number of casualties, the destruction of schools and cultural centers, but everything published on social media and mass media testifies to a deliberate policy of destruction in Mariupol and surrounding Greek villages, the loss of Ukrainian citizens, and moral terror inflicted upon the Аzov Greeks, who are citizens of Ukraine.

Under such circumstances, any events that are not a result of conscious choice or voluntary action should be considered a violation of human rights, a consequence of moral pressure and coercion.

The guilt of those who became collaborators should be determined by a court, which will undoubtedly take place after liberation.

Until then, we must support Ukrainian citizens in the occupied territories, support in them faith in Victory, and convey our sympathy and understanding of the complexity of the situation they find themselves in due to hostile aggression.

It is necessary to emphasize that the Federation of Greek Communities in Ukraine is one of the largest and most authoritative public organizations of national minorities in Ukraine, and the sole legitimate representative of the Greek minority in the country.

Throughout the years of war, it has consistently adhered to a statesmanlike policy, providing substantial assistance, with the support of international organizations, not only to all residents of the war-affected territories but also to the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

As activists of the Greek movement, we express the consolidated position of the Greeks of Ukraine and open the text of the statement for individual signatures.

Tetiana Khorunzha, Historian, Editor of the “Forum of Nations” newspaper.